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Welcome to Rebel Wisdom!

Welcome to the Rebel Wisdom Wiki. This is a community run project where we try to inform, document, educate (ourselves and others), and collaborate. Here you can not only find information about the official Rebel Wisdom channel, but also those who are associated with it, their respective fields and ideas, and lastly also about the wider Rebel Wisdom community. Take a look around! If you have any ideas about how to improve this Wiki, feel free to submit your Suggestions For The Rebel Wisdom Wiki, or just make the improvement yourself.

This Wiki needs your help! There are many pages still to be created and ideas to be shared.

The Wiki is currently split into two major areas, documentation and collaboration...

Documentation Area

New to Rebel Wisdom? Psychotechnologies and Tools Community Sensemaking Efforts
People from the Rebel Wisdom Universe Wiki-Related Information

Other Useful Topics

Collaboration Area

This is the area where we collaborate with each other on new Sensemaking, experimenation and exploration projects. We will be documenting our ideas and the results of our collaboration.

Current list of collaborations:-

  • Personal Sensemaking Experiments - A new page for people to document their experiments in doing personal Sensemaking.
  • Community Sensemaking Efforts - attempts to make sense together or global issues like Covid19 (see section above)

Recent And Special Pages

Some recently added pages:- Some special pages:-

PLEASE NOTE This site is a purely community driven project, so all content provided has been created and curated by the community, and is in no way automatically endorsed/supported/approved by Rebel Wisdom, please visit our main page if you want to find out more about Rebel Wisdom: